Thursday, May 6, 2010

The files are IN the computer!

Dissected my old DELL laptop yesterday in hopes of coming out with a functioning CCFL inverter + ballast (Or at least a better idea of what to order online before buying this).

Found that my laptop had only one tiny CCFL lighting up the whole screen! So damn, the 30 I have are gonna be bright. Also considered: why do I need an inverter? I'd just going to be running this from AC wall socket to DC unnecessary middleman to inverter (which converts back to AC for the bulb). So perhaps I could just stick AC and use a solid state ballast like w/ compact flourescent bulbs, hence the picture. Today at Fremont (after I get outta classes at UW) I plan to try to light up the CCFL I extracted w/o electrocuting myself.

BTW, I know this pic shows nada, but just click on it. I don't have time to find out how to shift the image over from this strip blogger selected. Going to class!