Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thesis Production Schedule

WEEK 3- 4.14
Test new 1/16” router bit on 1/4” and 1/8” acrylic at Fremont.
Decide whether 1/8” or 1/16” bit is a more appropriate scale.
Order CCFL edge lights.

WEEK 4- 4.21
Design scaffolding to secure panels in space.
Purchase, cut plexi sheet.
Continue to work on first 2.5-D model draft in Rhino.

WEEK 5- 4.28
Final decision on display strategy: pedestal vs suspension.
Complete basic/functional scaffolding structure at Fremont.
Finish Rhino draft for midterm review.
Engrave panels on router.

WEEK 6- 5.5
Present draft of multi-panel configuration.
Begin incorporating midterm feedback into next Rhino model.
Purchase 2nd round of plexi.
Possibly alter # of panels, panel dimensions and/or letter x-height.

WEEK 7- 5.12
Test lighting situation in SOA exhibition space to see whether CCFLs attain sufficient text contrast.
If scaffolding is functional, but looks bad, allow time to redesign/re-fabrication.
Continue work on final Rhino model.

WEEK 8- 5.19
Final Rhino model complete.
Engrave last set of panels.
Ensure that panel edge lighting is incorporated into scaffolding in an elegant way.

WEEK 9- Wednesday - 5.26
Present the final work for critique, as it will appear in SOA

Thursday - 5.27
Load installation into gallery space.
Make any necessary positioning adjustments relative to surrounding pieces.
Invite friends and fam…

WEEK 10- Tuesday 6.1
Exhibition opening!

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